Евгений Чернихович

BACK UP *this is not a drill.*

Every Russian citizen and every Russian-based company that is currently relying on businesses in the West such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and so on for hosting, communications, connectivity and other services should expect those services to be cut off at some point in the near future, and plan accordingly.

This also goes for stuff deeply integrated into services in your home country that you have come to rely on, which may stop to function.

Regardless, you won’t be able to pay for any of these services at the next billing period so they will be terminated one way or another.

Back up your stuff, move your service while you can or you risk losing everything, *this is not a drill.*

Use the time while you have it.

Move GoogleDocs to Yandex while you have time.
If you have critical services in Russia relayed through DNS on GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, other US or Germany-based popular options — MOVE YOUR DNS configs to Yandex DNS after you read this. The Internet tomorrow will probably not be the Internet as you knew it yesterday.

1. Breath slowly. Make a list of your services where you use “gmail” or alike.
2. Backup everything locally. Twice on different media.
3. Change your logins to services to a Russian-based email, like Yandex. Change your IDs to Russian-based services for Auth if you have to stay and work in Russia.
4. Go through and check 2nd time. You will be amazed, how many services you use.
5. Sleep well, drink a lot of water. Stay safe and may the Force be with you.

If you can — buy a reliable MSI or Asus DESKTOP for next 3-4 years for home computing. There will be no or very limited parts supply from Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Dell, HP.

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